Sql Assignment

Assume that Garden Glory designs a database with the following tables.

OWNER (OwnerID, OwnerName, OwnerEmail, OwnerType)

PROPERTY (PropertyID, PropertyName, Street, City, State, Zip,OwnerID)

GG_EMPLOYEE (EmployeeID, LastName, FirstName, CellPhone, ExperienceLevel)

SERVICE (PropertyID, EmployeeID, ServiceDate, HoursWorked)

The referential integrity constraints are:

OwnerID in PROPERTY must exist in OwnerID in OWNER

PropertyID in SERVICE must exist in PropertyID in PROPERTY

EmployeeID in SERVICE must exist in EmployeeID in GG_EMPLOYEE

<标题>Prepare tables and data:

<标题>1.Download Assign-3-create-tables.sql, Assign-3-insert-data.sql, and Assign-3-delete-tables.sql from ANGEL->Solutions->Homework Assignment 3 Solution

2.Delete the tables you have created for Assignment 3-1 in your database usingAssign-3-delete-tables.sql

3.Create tables

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