QEMU: Adding a System Call

<标题>Assignment 3 CMPT-300

QEMU: Adding a System Call

Disclaimer: This assignment is adapted from a project developed by Dr. Jason Nieh at

<标题>Columbia University.

Part A:

Setup Your Linux Kernel Building Environment and add dummy


The first step is to learn how to create a virtual machine using QEMU and install a

custom kernel.

Please follow this tutorial:


<标题>All files can be downloaded from:


Part B:

Adding an advanced system call(75%):

<标题>Write a new system call in Linux. The system call you write should take one argument

(pointer to a data structure) and return various information for the process identified by

the pid in the data structure. All return information will be put into the data structure. For

<标题>the following discussion all relative paths refer to the top of your kernel source

directory linux-

The prototype for your system call will be:

<标题>int prinfo(struc

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