histogram equalization verilog代寫

ECE 464/520: Project Technical Requirements
You are to produce a Histogram Equalization Unit for image processing. A general description of what a histogram equalization unit does can be found on Wilkipedia amongst other sources,
You will be processing a series of small (640 x 480 pixel ) images. The images will contain 32-bit unsigned pixels representing gray scale images. A basic description of the algorithm is found below (this is extracted from a requirements document in one of our research projects.
<标题> Change (Feb 6, 2014). The data supplied to you actually has a dynamic range of only 8 bits per pixel. SO that you can all take advantage of this, you only need to produce a histogram where the value of each pixel is sorted into L=28 buckets, not 216 buckets.


You have to design a unit that maximizes the number of images that can be processed per unit area. You thus need to report how long (in seconds) it takes to process an image, and what is the cel

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