game Battleship python implementation

4.1 Overview

<标题>Computer games are nearly as old as electronic computers themselves. The first tic-tac-toe game was programmed on an EDSAC vacuum-tube computer. Your job will be to expand the Battleship program started in earlier labs into a fully-playable game.

4.2 The game of Battleship

<标题>Wikipedia has a thorough description of the origins of the game of?. For purposes of this assignment, follow the following rules.

1.The game is played between two players (one human and one computer for your program).

<标题>2.Each player has an identical set of ships. Each ship has a length, a name (e.g., “submarine”), and a symbol (a letter, e.g., “S”).

<标题>3.Each player has a grid, called the “battle board”,? which is mostly hidden from the other player. The grid is used for marking the locations of the pl

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