CS111 Spring 2015 Project Description

In this project you will be using the knowledge you gained from lectures and homeworks and applying them to a lengthier programming assignment. The answers to some of your questions do not strictly reside in this document. You are encouraged to look at other sources for inspiration. This semester’s project will involve Creating a 2D game. This is an?individual?project, and as such you will be held to the University’s academic integrity policies. You are welcome to discuss strategies and ideas with other students (and will be encouraged to in recitation), but you must code the project on your own.


<标题>This project is what you make of it. Listed below are point guidelines as to how they relate to the number of points given to the project (total 100). However, you should not be limited by what we suggest the minimum work required here is. To get the most out of this project, I urge you all to push yourselves to find your limits. You might surprise yourself! Good luck!


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