COMPSCI 335: Assignment #3 – La Boutique Cassée

COMPSCI 335: Assignment #3 – La Boutique Cassée


La Boutique Cassée is an online shop selling books and blurays. The shop uses a service-oriented architecture with a customer-facing UI front-end, and a service back-end. The service back-end consists of two separate services and associated RESTful interfaces.

<标题>One of the services is open to all, and allows the user to browse and search through the shop. It also allows a user to place and view comments on the shop, as well as to register at the shop. The other service is only for registered users and this allows purchasing of items. Registered users are required to authenticate before using this service.


Consuming the Service – Building a UI

An online version of the two services supporting the shop are available at

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