cache設計 verilog代寫

In this assignment, you will design a generic memory block and use it to perform various tasks.


Part 1: Memory/cache design.

<标题>A physical cache block is made up of memory cells which are associated in rows and columns. Each row corresponds to a cache-line, which may contain any size of data. These lines are then stacked in column form. In general, each cache line consists of 3 major parts, the ID tag, the data, and the state (or status) of each line. The state bits will be ignored for this assignment (just use ID tag and data).

When a request comes in for a line, the cache lines are searched concurrently to determine if a line matches the requested ID tag. If the tag matches, then the bits in the data portion of the cache line are sent out of the system. (Note: this assignment is a scaled down version of a traditional fully-associative cache, not including any sense amplifiers and other support circuitry).

Your job is to design such a cache, with a <标题>compile-time vari

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