Assignment 3 COMP9021, Session 2, 2015

Assignment 3
COMP9021, Session 2, 2015
Aims: The purpose of the assignment is to:
 process command-line arguments in the style of Unix utilities;
 become familiar with trees;
 possibly implement recursive solutions;
 develop problem solving skills.
Command line arguments
Both programs will read command line arguments. To read those we import the sys module and
process sys.argv, a list of strings whose rst element is the name of the module being interpreted,
whose second element is the rst command line argument, whose third element is the second command
line argument, etc. So if no command line argument is provided, then sys.argv is a list of length 1.
Your programs will be stored in les named and Upload yours
le using WebCMS. Assignments can be submitted more than once: the last version is marked. Your
assignment is due by November 1 11:59pm.
For each test, the automarking script will let your program run for 30 seconds.
For each of the two program

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